The music of freedom

Guitar chords strumming the silence
A welcome song of prayer
A place full of expectation
Faces poised in hope
Yet weathered with despair.

A woman’s pure voice rings out
Announcing a bargain sale on freedom
Another singer with long raven hair
Sways in gentle time to the tune
Of prisoners being set free.

Even as my pen caresses the page
The music makes it weep
In a sympathy of trembling
The words reach out, touching
Hearts that open slow, hesitating.

If freedom is a song, listen
Music bearing open-door promises
Rusted keys turning in broken locks
The oil of hope trickles in
Moving the machinery of the soul.

So many questions, so many seekers
Looking forward, hearts’ eyes open
Hands wide to receive the gifts
Made possible with music and song
Running forward to embrace hope, again.