Dream Time (a silly bedtime story)

A headstrong knight laughed loudly at liFe
Wept a little but never for long
Hardly cared about a faithful wife
He always looked forward. Tick tock.

His head overflowed with sparkling dreams
Battles to win, empires to build
Fair maidens to kiss near gentle streams
For liFe moved slower then. Tick tock.

The midpoint reached, a deep river crossed
Turning back the same as plunging on
His choice was made, into darkness tossed.
Steel was sharpened and sheathed. Tick tock.

In the distance a tall tower loomed
He ate his last crumb, drank his last drop
His bruised feet cried out, all hope seemed lost
Yet still the knight believed. Tick tock.

Weakened, spent, he climbed a thousand stairs
Counting each smooth stone with bitter breath
He contemplated all his liFe’s cares
Then reached an iron door. Tick tock.

The ancient portal heaved open wide
In the shadows he glimpsed a monster’s face
“Welcome, I’ve been waiting. Come inside”
It was himself he saw. Tick tock.

“You must think it strange,” the spectre said
“To have travelled so far, risked so much.”
In silence, he stared back at the bed.
Then drew his long, sharp blade. Tick tock.

He stabbed himself in both eyes, then cried.
So many dreams drowned, years swallowed up
“Traitor” he screamed, as the old man died
Then turned for home again. Tick tock.

Time passed quickly now. It always will
The nights grew cold and long, the road dark
Weakened now, he felt Death’s quiet chill
No angels sang for him. Tick tock.

See, I am that knight, fair maiden true
Do you still recall the gentle stream?
Before we die, remember this clue
Lovers’ dreams are time’s gift. Tick tock.


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