Of Borges and other myths

Of Borges and other myths
30 Oct 2002

So what’s this whole love thing
about anyhow?
Memories of fragments of
Borges-styled ziggurats
Monuments to might-have-beens
Towers of Babel in the mists
of Babylonian sacrifice

When all it comes down to

(even in the middle of a
riot scene set in the
period costume drama of
some 16th-Century French

Is a matter of two minds
the other’s heart

Flesh, sexual prime, desire…
all these seem arbitrary
in the face of spiritual longing
whether it’s on my knees
seeking the face of God
or gently pressing the centre
of you as you struggle to
suppress your moans

When actually it’s simply about
pushing deeper into you
In search of white heat
No Freudian salute there
But a longing to slide with you
down the slippery slope of
my feelings,
my heart
my soul cry
for you.


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